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Feature Friday: Comment On Product Mockups

July 3, 2015

Andrea Says

This Feature Friday I want to talk to you about one of our favorite features: the ability to comment directly on product mockups.

Gone are the days when you had to scribble changes and edits on so many different post-its you lost track of all your version reviews. By annotating comments directly on your mockup, you can easily guide your team through changes and requests.

If you’re new to ProdPad who haven’t added a mockup before, check out our simple how-to guide.

Why would I want to add comments to mockups, Andrea?

I’m so glad you asked! There’s a ton of different reasons to use this great feature: maybe you work in a remote office setup or in a different location to your developers, so what happens when Julie, your support person, wants to suggest where to add a button? She can’t come over and point at your screen, she’s not even in the same timezone! Comments allow you to quickly and easily give your whole team visibility on suggestions and ideas on any aspect of your product. You’re welcome, Julie.

So let’s take a look at how to do this.

Add a comment

Click on the mockup and drag the box around the area. The area selected will now have a pop up box where you will be able to write your comments and annotations.


To read and add a reply

Simply hover over the pin available on an area box.

To delete a comment

You just need to hover over the pin and click on “Delete” next to the comment. If there is only one comment on the thread, the entire area box will be deleted as well.

Love getting the best out of ProdPad? Then check out our Help Center, or ask us a question in the comments below! Not signed up yet? Take a free trial and see why ProdPad is the most-loved product management software on the market!

Andrea is a Product Support and Management expert, technical writer, and social network monkey. An undercover geek with a passion for music, animals, and avid unicorn rights activist, she's always up for a challenge.


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