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Andrea Says: Connect TypeForm to ProdPad

December 3, 2015

Andrea Says

Typeform allows you to build beautiful forms so you can gather feedback from your clients – and now you can send all of that directly into ProdPad. 

We’ve built out an API and use Zapier to allow you to integrate ProdPad with a wide range of other tools and services, including development management tools, project and task management tools, and customer support tools – and many more! Zapier works by having a “trigger” app and an “action” app. In this case, TypeForm is be the trigger and ProdPad the action.

Begin by authenticating your TypeForm account and selecting the form from which you wish to import information from.

Then authenticate your ProdPad account and how you wish the zap to create things in ProdPad – in this case, as new feedback.

Once your accounts are linked and authorized, the next step is to select the form you will be importing answers from. Then map over the fields that you will be importing.

 TypeForm  ProdPad
Email address Username
Message Feedback

Once you’ve mapped everything, you can go ahead test the zap to make sure the information is being migrated properly. Keep in mind that this test will generate an instance within ProdPad.

If you’re happy with the results, just click ‘Turn on Zap’ and done!

Andrea Saez

Andrea is a Product Support and Management expert, technical writer, and social network monkey. An undercover geek with a passion for music, animals, and avid unicorn rights activist, she's always up for a challenge.

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